APDI, Association of Swiss Professional Diving Instructors

Sonnenbergstrasse 40/6
4127 Birsfelden


APDI is also a member of the ASFPS (Association Suisse des Formateurs Professionnels en Secourisme)

About us

The APDI (Association of Swiss Professional Diving Instructors) was founded in 1993. The association became a member of CEDIP (European Committee of Professional Diving Instructors) in 1994, and decided to take its own path and leave CEDIP in 2018.

APDI is the second oldest scuba diving organisation in Switzerland, and its instructors are all professionals who benefit from continuous and recognized training that is proposed by the technical committee. The association follows modern developments in scuba diving and adapts its courses according to up-to date standards.

In accordance with international and European standards, APDI goes beyond normal requirements in matters of security. APDI instructors adapt their teaching to the local requirements, natural and meteorological conditions, and to the goals of individual students.

The association is particularly compliant to security and rescue issues, and as such is a member of the ASFPS (Swiss Association of Professional First Aid Instructors).